Oculo-Facial Consultants Saves Staff Time, Streamlines Practice Workflow, and Increases Appointment Bookings and Collections with Automated Communication

The Challenge

As a brand new practice with a small staff, Oculo-Facial Consultants wanted to set their team up for success with an efficient workflow. They came to PCG for help creating a streamlined patient communications plan that would both attract patients and maximize revenue.

The Solution

Oculo-Facial Consultants maximized efficiency and engaged new patients by implementing PCG’s automated workflows for appointment reminders, online registration forms, and patient statements. These automated workflows allowed the practice to tailor appointment reminders to patient preferences and gather important pre-visit patient information. It also enabled them to send effective statements to eliminate outstanding patient debt.

With PCG tools in place, each patient receives automated appointment reminders and an automated registration webform link, which makes it easy for the practice to send patient forms ahead of appointments. The web links are far easier for patients to navigate than patient portals. They allow patients to provide previsit information online, eliminating the need to hand patients clipboards upon arrival, shortening patient wait times, and reducing clerical tasks for practice administrators.

“The PCG webforms have really helped my daily workflow and have been such a lifesaver.”

– Tessa, Team Member

PCG also enhanced the effectiveness of the practice’s patient communications by helping their team tailor patient reminders types and frequency. PCG’s automated patient reminders give patients directions and pre-appointment instructions via phone call, text, and email at various intervals prior to the scheduled appointment date.

Oculo-Facial Consultants learned pre-appointment reminder emails that include embedded maps, building photos, and driving instructions reduce patient stress when locating the office. In addition, post-appointment emails help the practice build and maintain a reputation online by prompting patients to leave reviews for the practice.

“It’s taken a lot of work off my plate. I appreciate that the patients arrive well-informed and there is no doubt about an appointment time.”

– Tessa, Team Member

Oculo-Facial Consultants also appreciates how PCG tailors the tool to their unique needs in a dynamic manner.

The Results

Within 9 months of implementing these PCG features, Oculo-Facial Consultants realized the following results:

Automated Reminders Saved Staff Time and Streamlined Workflow

The PCG team worked closely with Oculo-Facial Consultants to add more optimized emails to their patient reminder process. This included reminders with links, webforms, and appointment confirmation capabilities. This increased their ability to be transparent with patients and collect patient data prior to their visit. Due to the success of the email reminders, the practice decreased their phone call and text reminders, which saved staff additional time.

More Patients Booked and Attended Appointments

Within 4 months, the practice was able to grow their business by increasing monthly appointment bookings by 23%. The efficiencies realized by using PCG and the increase in automated reminders not only helped the practice expand new bookings but also helped them retain existing patients.

Payment Reminders Boost the Number of Timely Patient Payments

Automated statement delivery combined with optimized email reminders resulted in the practice increasing their collections by 47% per month, while decreasing the amount of statements they sent out to patients each billing cycle. PCG statements helped the practice to lower their patient debt, collect a greater portion of payments, and reduce how long they carried patient debts.

“Whenever I have a question, PCG has jumped right on it. I am able to get in touch with you when I need you, and I never wait for days to hear back from you.”

Tessa, Team Member